Reserve Justice as your virtual pet, and get 7 meals in your account once we launch





Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support the dog gets from it?

Meals, vaccinations, neutering, walks, baths, water, medical services, kennel cleaning and more.

Does Treat take any fees from my donations?

No, we don't take any fees from the users. (We do take fees from the shelters themselves)

Can I adopt my virtually-adopted dog in real life?

Yes! Nothing would make us happier than seeing this happen!

Can I visit the dog?

Depends on the dog shelter, but shouldn’t be a problem.

How can I make sure the dog gets my support?

We notify each shelter of the person who sent support to which dog. You can also visit the shelter and they can introduce you to the dog that you support.

What kind of animal shelters do you support?

We support only high-ranking no-kill shelters.

Will the dog’s life depend on me?

The dog will get support thanks to you and other users, it won’t be entirely dependent on you.

What does the reservation include?

Besides reserving the dog for you to virtually adopt, you will have 7 meals to give on your credit, and you will get to the top of our waiting list.

What if the dog will be adopted by then?

You will keep your 7 meals credit, and you’ll be able to choose another dog.

What does virtual adoption mean?

After you choose a shelter pet, Treat creates its avatar. You can clean and play with its avatar, in return you get pictures, videos and updates about the shelter dog. You can also feed the avatar, and in return, the shelter pet gets real food support.