Frequently Asked Questions

Am I assigned a dedicated assistant?

Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated assistant who will be responsible for managing your tasks and assisting you directly. Keep in mind that with ACE Virtual Assistants, should you ever have a large task or need coverage while your assistant is out of office, you have a team of trained assistants available for your coverage.

How is my information kept confidential?

Data you provide your assistant will be stored securely via LastPass; an encrypted password and data website. We recommend any sensitive information be delivered over the phone or via shared access through your own personal LastPass account.

How is time spent on my tasks tracked?

Your assistant will be utilizing Harvest Time Tracker when working on tasks or communicating with you. You are billed for physical time worked/time spent solely on your file. On Fridays, you will receive a week-end report detailing how time was spent on tasks. Calls/tasks are broken down by type and will include details.

How soon can I begin working with an ACE Virtual Assistant?

Once the contract is signed and the pre-paid package is paid, you can begin working with your assistant as early as the next business day.

Can my assistant use an email from my domain? Can I get an unique email from ACE Virtual Assistants for my assistant to use?

Unlike many other Virtual Assistants companies, we do not charge a monthly fee when allowing you to provide your assigned assistant an email from your own domain. We have some clients who choose to use a unique email address using our domain which you are welcome to do. Examples: or

Am I too small of a business to have a Virtual Assistant?

There is no person, family, or team too small to need a Virtual Assistant. We help manage the lives of families, small business, and large corporations. We've assisted everyone from sole-proprietors to entire companies. Our package hours range in size to accommodate your needs.

I'm not the best at asking for help or even knowing what is ok to delegate out. Can you make some suggestions?

We all know it's hard sometimes to ask for help regardless of how little or big the task is. We find as our clients and their dedicated assistant begin working together, they learn and grow together while building trust and confidence, and realizing "Wow, this really does work". There is no right or wrong pace in which you delegate out tasks. Some of our clients prefer to baby step their way at the beginning. They begin by handing off large tasks that they deem most important then slowly introducing more tasks, or until they feel comfortable enough to "let loose". Other clients prefer to hand off everything and let us do what we do best and tackle it head on.