Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support does the dog get from it?

Direct support: Meals and medical supplies.

Can I adopt the pet?

Yes! Nothing would make us happier than seeing this happen!

Can I visit the pet?

Becaue of Covid-19 restrictions, it depends on the policy of each animal shelter.

What kind of animal shelters do you support?

We support only high-ranking no-kill shelters.

Will the dog’s life depend on me?

The dog will get support thanks to you and other users, it won’t be entirely dependent on you.

What does virtually rescue mean?

The pet receives direct support, such as meals and medical supplies thanks to you. And you get notified once the pet is adopted (and automatically you will get a new dog to virtually rescue).

What happens if my shelter dog is being adopted by someone?

You'll get a +1 on Lives Rescued, maybe also some pictures with its new family, and a new pet from the same shelter to virtually rescue.

How do I get the updates?

By email.

Will my subscription continue after my pet finds a home?

Yes (unless you decide otherwise) and you will get a new pet to virtually rescue.

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