For shelters

Treat is a platform for virtual adoption of real shelter pets. Treat supports shelters in the following aspects:

1. Direct support - Treat users support their shelter pets in 3 main areas: food bags, medical treatment and kennel maintenance.

2. More adoptions - Treat users are being incentivized on the platform to promote their pets to get adopted, and they can also adopt the pet by themselves. 

3. Volunteering - Treat users are being incentivized on the platform to volunteer at the shelter.

No integration is needed. 

"Treat covers most of our dog food supplies, with almost zero effort on our side"
Katy Z. Heerssen, Director, Special Pals, Houston



treats, meals & toys sent in 2021


Apply now 

For adding your shelter to the Treat platform, please fill the following basic information about your shelter. Our team will check if your shelter can be qualified to Treat and get back to you shortly.

Are you a no-kill organization (less than 5% euthanization rate)?
Are you a shelter/rescue group?

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